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Understanding Circumcision: Proceedings Of The Sixth International Symposium On Genital Integrity - Safeguarding Fundamental Human Rights In The 21st Century, Held December 7-9, 2000, In Sydney, Australia

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Every year, in the United States and the third world combined, 13.3 million boys and 2 million girls are circumcised. Whether because of perceived medical, cultural, or religious necessity, most of these parents feel they have no alternative but to allow their children to undergo this surgery. Sparking intense debate, the circumcision of children is a highly controversial and complex phenomenon that touches a variety of sociological areas, such as religious beliefs, identity issues, medical conceptualizations, fear, and superstition. The contributors to this volume comprise an international panel of experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, law, ethics, sociology, anthropology, history, theology, and politics. In 18 chapters they discuss the history of circumcision; document the physical and psychological consequences of circumcision; present the latest anatomical discoveries about the male prepuce; analyze the role of circumcision in various traditions; reveal the medical industry's investment in the practice; describe current legislative efforts to protect children from circumcision; and outline effective, culturally sensitive methods that are being implemented today to safeguard the human rights of at-risk children.
For its insights into this troubling aspect of culture, Understanding Circumcision: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Problem is a critically important contribution to the growing body of literature on this subject.

Australia's Jewels

RRP $20.99


Opal Clemenger’s facing bankruptcy and only ruthless tycoon Domenic Silvagni can rescue her. Domenic thinks money can buy anything — including a wife. So he will help Opal only if she agrees to his marriage ultimatum.

Opal has no choice but to marry Domenic, but then he makes another demand: she must provide him with an heir. But Domenic quickly realises that there’s one thing he can’t buy — his wife’s love...


Sheikh Khaled Al-Ateeq has asked Sapphire Clemenger to design the wedding gown of his intended bride. But there’s more to Khaled's deal than meets the eye: Sapphy must accompany him to his desert palace and she’s forbidden to meet the bride-to-be. How strange when she’s told the bridal gown’s measurements are her own...

Sapphy realises that she’s been stolen by the sheikh — because she’s his chosen wife!


He’d wed her to save her from a forced marriage to another man. Twelve years later, Paolo Mancini’s back to tell his wife, beautiful Helene Grainger, they can divorce at last.

But Paolo is still the passionate and gorgeous Italian whom Helene married. When they are reunited for one last night, Paolo realises what he’s been missing — and decides that he cannot let her go!


When Ruby Clemenger inherits half of the Bastiani Pearl Corporation, she knows that her life is about to get complicated. Zane Bastiani, the pearl master’s son, wants rid of Ruby — he thinks she was his father’s mistress and can be easily bought. But Ruby’s price is high. Unable to pay her off with cash, Zane decides to seduce Ruby into submission. He has nothing to lose — until he discovers Ruby is every way!

Brownlow Book - A Tribute To The Greats Of Australian Football

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The Brownlow Medal is the most prized individual award in Australian Football. The medal, awarded to the League's fairest and best player, has a proud history ever since Geelong's 'Carji' Greeves was the inaugural recipient in 1924. THE BROWNLOW- A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATS OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL tells the story of every winner in a collection of essays and interviews, complemented by strong photography. There's Ivor Warne-Smith, who won the League's highest honour twice despite being gassed in World War I, there's Barry Round, the oldest winner at 31 years and 238 days, with 258 games experience, there's Jim Stynes, the Irish recruit who first heard about football in his late teens. Each member of this special family has a story to tell. This updated edition of THE BROWNLOW- A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATS OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL features interviews with all the Brownlow Medallists since 2003, including Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley, former Eagle-turned-Tiger Ben Cousins, and the most recent recipient of the award, Gary Ablett Jnr. There will also be a feature on the 2010 winner.


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